Nukuʻalofa Urban Development Sector Project

The Nukuʻalofa Urban Development Sector Project is jointly funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Australian Aid Programme, with grant funding of $14.5 million USD. The key areas of investment are in urban policy and planning, water supply, solid waste management, and sanitation. The project commenced in 2012, and will be completed in June 2020. The Executing Agency is the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, and the Implementing Agency is the National Spatial Planning Authority Office. The consulting contractor is Egis Eau, partnering with local consulting firm Pacific Engineering Consulting Group.

The impact of the project will be improved living conditions for the population of Nukuʻalofa. The outcome of the project will be effective, efficient, and sustainable urban services.

The urban environment relies on core municipal services for an improved standard of living. The Project focuses on waste management, improved urban policy and planning, sanitation and water supply; all of which are critical for the well being of residents, sustainable development, and the environment. This website provides a broad overview of each of the project components. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Office.


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