About the Project

The Nuku’alofa Urban Development Sector Project is providing high priority urban infrastructure, building on previous projects and government identified priorities in the Government’s National Infrastructure Investment Programme.

There are six project components:

Component 1

Strengthened Policy & Planning Urban Services

Component 2

Effective, Efficient and Sustainable Water Supply

Component 3

Sustainable Solid Waste Services

Component 4

Other Municipal Services including upgrading Sanitation

Component 5

Raised community awareness of municipal services

Component 6

Assist the PMU to effectively manage the project

The Project has an over-arching commitment to social and environmental safeguards in all aspects of the work. Establishing an Environment and Social Unit within the PMU, the Project provides oversight and reporting in relation to all social and environmental risks and opportunities within the work that we deliver. This includes an emphasis on gender equity, carefully considering how urban planning and services impact women. We have worked with our partners to identify improvements to the urban landscape that will make a difference to women, disabled community members, and households with low income. We also work closely with partners to improve workplaces for women so that gender does not affect anyone’s ability to participate in the workforce. We are currently working with local film-makers to produce short films on some of the inspiring women of Tonga. The Women of Tonga films will be used as resources to inspire change, and demonstrate that women can overcome challenges to work in non-traditional or leadership roles.

Please follow these links to view the films to date:


ʻOkalani the Panel Beater


Rose the Entrepreneur


Lola the Linesworker