Output 4 – other municipal services within Nukuʻalofa

Within the Project design, other municipal services were to be identified and planned. The priority project selected was the sanitation sub-project, and works commenced at the end of 2015. Sanitation will be improved in Nuku’alofa by:

  1. expanding and upgrading the capacity of WAL’s existing leachate/sewage liquid treatment facilities at Tapuhia;
  2. improving the regulatory requirements and annual certification of onsite household sanitation facilities and increase community awareness of the importance of operating and maintaining environmentally safe household septic systems; and
  3. undertaking pilot construction and upgrading of onsite, household sanitation facilities for low-income, Nukuʻalofa households currently without access to septic tank treatment systems and selected institutional and public facilities.
  4. improving school sanitation facilities and public convenience buildings.