Effective, Efficient and Sustainable Water Supply

Output 2 – effective, efficient and sustainable water supply services

The core subproject will

  1. increase the water production at the Mata ki ʻEua Tongamai wellfield;
  2. increase the raw water storage capacity
  3. improve the management of the water supply network through the creation of supply zones and improved bulk supply metering;
  4. reduce unaccounted-for-water(UFW) from the current level, estimated at about 50% to less than 25%;
  5. develop consumer water meter replacement policies and replace defective consumer meters; and
  6. improve revenue collection, billing, and financial management capacity.

Together, all of these initiatives are designed to improve the water pressure and service level to all urban customers, whilst improving the capacity of TWB to deliver sustainable water supply. Importantly, increasing water storage capacity will improve resilience in natural disasters. Increasing the number of pumps in the wellfield will not only improve pressure, but will distribute pumping operations over a larger area, allowing for regular resting of individual pumps. This is essential for improved environmental protection, ensuring that over-extraction of the water resource does not occur.